Rainy Marquee Wedding in Bowral

I don’t just want to show you my prettiest pictures. The truth is that I’m increasingly less proud of the perfect portraits that I set up, and increasingly more proud of the images I’m able to grab when things aren’t really going according to plan. Nice couple, epic sunset, bla bla, it’s an easy job. But when it’s 10 degrees and literally pouring all day, like it was this day, listen, there’s no other way to say this: this kind of situation isn’t exactly easy for a wedding photographer. But here I am at my desk, going through Jacquie and Alex’s photos from their wonderfully wet wedding, and… I’m absolutely in love with these images.

There’s an incredible value in taking a day as it comes, accepting it isn’t what you planned, and having a blast nonetheless. I feel that’s exactly what Jacquie and Alex did, and I’m honoured to have been along for the ride. So here are some photos from their wedding day; not necessarily the ‘prettiest’ pictures I took over those 8 hours, but definitely ones that I hope convey how it felt to be there for this incredible wedding x 

venue | private property in Bowral

celebrant | Tamara Louis 

planner | LB Styling

makeup | Katie Moore

hair | Adilla Colab

dress | J.Andreatta 

music | Oberon Lane

flowers | Shady Fig

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