Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding | Tara + Robert

I absolutely loved shooting this Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding, and I’m stoked to share it with you here on my blog. As a wedding photographer in Bowral, I end up shooting at a certain few venues quite a lot over the course of one wedding season. Centennial Vineyards is one of those venues that I just love going back to, and I absolutely never get tired of it. Early in 2018 I was there to spend the day with Tara and Robert, so here’s my take on their wonderful Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding.

A Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding

Tara started by getting wedding at this wonderful cottage in Bowral called Arafel Park. This place has some pretty cool artwork on the walls (scroll down to see my portrait of Tara against one particularly great piece). I was quite envious of Rob’s pride and joy, his restored Chevrolet Impala which is pretty immaculate.

After the ceremony we spent an hour or so on the grounds at Centennial, as there’s no need to go offsite for photos – plenty of great backdrops and locations on site. I found a particularly great beam of light against a nice dark backdrop; again, scroll down to see ūüôā

My ‘wooden gate trick’

You’ll see below that I shot bridal party portraits against a lovely old wood gate. This gate is in the car park, and there are often cars parked in front, meaning that I can’t use it for photos. Over the years I’ve figured out that, as I’m often arriving at the venue before all the guests, I can park my car in front of the gate. Then, when we head out for portraits, all I have to do is move my car and the gate is mine for photos!

The food at this Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding was, as per usual, pretty epic, and even as a vendor, I get fed really well at Centennial Vineyards. I never go home with an empty belly. I often chat with guests at Centennial weddings, and they generally remark as to how wonderful the food is too. It’s wonderful to stand up in the gallery above the reception and watch the guests as they feast on their food at this amazing venue.

What Tara and Rob said about me after their Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding

Ok, let me gloat for a bit haha. Here’s what Tara had to say about me: ‘Rob + I LOVE Thomas! From our first and only meeting with Tom, Rob and I felt so comfortable and relaxed in his presence. Thomas has a great eye for creative pictures and has a very natural approach to photographing people. The whole bridal party felt completely themselves all day long… there was no pressure to get the perfect most glamorous shot, it was all about being ourselves, enjoying ourselves and capturing amazing moments.’

Centennial Vineyards is in a lovely part of Bowral, and just up the road there are a bunch of other lovely wedding venues. Here’s a Hopewood House wedding that I photographed a few years back. You might also like to take a look at this awesome Gibraltar Hotel wedding. And of course you could check out this amazing Briars Bowral wedding.

Are you planning a wedding at Centennial Vineyards in Bowral?

If you’re reading this and are planning a Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding, I’d love to hear from you! I absolutely love shooting at this beautiful venue, and I’d love to shoot here more often.

A bride and groom walk down the aisle with confetti being thrown at them at a Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding A bridal party in front of an old wooden gate at a Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding A bride and groom pose for a photo near some wine pallets after their Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding A bride and groom in a field after their Centennial Vineyards Bowral wedding

venue | Centennial Vineyards 

bride prep  |  Arafel Park

celebrant  |  Nina de Borde

video  |  Tom Healy

makeup  |  Ash Quin

hair  |  Sarah Stephenson

flowers  |  Be Designed

bride’s gown ¬†| ¬†Valentino Rockstuds

music  |  Cavan Te + Band


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