Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers | A 2019 Summary

You might have arrived here via instagram. Maybe one of your friends told you to check my site out. Or maybe you googled Southern Highlands wedding photographers and ended up here. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. In this post I’ll show you some of my absolute favourite images from 2019.

Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers

2019 was my eighth year as one of the many Southern Highlands wedding photographers, and I reckon it was a pretty great year. Here are a few statistics:

58 weddings;  7 countries;  232,000 photos. Around 20,000 kms driven.

At the veeeery bottom of this post, I’ve put my Instagram ‘top 9’ images from the year according to number of likes. I didn’t put this image at the top as it looked too cluttered haha. I always find it interesting to see which of my images will get the most likes. There’s a tendency when you’re a creative professional to strive for likes, followers and nice comments; that temporary hit of dopamine you get when one of your images goes well on social media can get pretty addictive. This is dangerous because we are totally relying on Insta’s ever-changing algorithm, which no-one even understands in the first place.

I try to go into every wedding with the same mantra in my head: my job is simply to document what I see happening on the day. And, to each couple I shoot, that day is one of their most important days, and deserves 100% of my effort and attention. I feel that striving to make my clients happy, rather than to shoot images that will get the most likes, is a much more sustainable and ethical way to run a business, and overall will result in a much happier photographer 😁

My 2020: Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers

My intention going forward is to cap my weddings at 60 per year. I’ve already reached this number for 2020 so won’t really be taking any more, but hey, you never know, so if you’re still searching for Southern Highlands wedding photographers for your 2020 wedding, please drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

I love my job, and I’d love to shoot your wedding. I really hope you enjoy these images.

Groomsmen jump into a pool before a wedding shot by Thomas Stewart, Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers

Here are my Instagram top 9 images for 2019:

Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers top 9

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