An Incredible Dovecote Gerringong Wedding

My first Dovecote Gerringong Wedding! For the last few years, every time I’ve driven south I’ve seen this spaceship-looking house up on the hill outside Gerringong. It’s clearly visible from the highway, but it’s quite a distance away. This year I finally had the chance not just to visit, but also to shoot a wonderful elopement a this epic place called Dovecote.

Scroll down to see some images of this awesome Dovecote Gerringong Wedding. If you’re looking for somewhere for you and a small group of people can get away, stay a few nights and have a lovely intimate wedding, but you don’t want a traditional wedding venue, I highly recommend you check out this Dovecote Gerringong Wedding venue.

A beautiful winter Dovecote Gerringong wedding

One positive thing that has resulted from Covid, with respect to weddings, is that lots of couples have been opting for very small and intimate elopements. This to many people is much preferable to waiting a year or so for restrictions to ease so that they can have 100+ people attend their celebration. I adore shooting smaller, intimate weddings and I hope that some couples keep choosing to have these types of intimate celebrations post-covid.

Mat and Jon had pretty much the smallest elopement possible for their Dovecote Gerringong Wedding. It consisted of themselves, the two grooms; their two closest friends to sign the register (and drink champagne with them). Then there was my friend Alex Lollback performing celebrant duties. There were two caterers from Smith Street Foods in Gerringong (their food was epic). And there was me! That’s quite a small elopement…

Rolling hills and cows

Dovecote is positioned on a headland in between Kiama and Gerringong. It’s actually very close to the Kiama coastal trail, a lovely walk that runs along the hills near the beach between these two towns. You get quite a good view of the house from the coastal trail, and you actually pass very close to the property itself. The views from Dovecote are quite simply jaw-dropping. Almost 360 degree views of the water, the hills and escarpment, and Gerringong itself. The sense of space is wonderful. I can only imagine how great it must be to stay here for a few nights, wake up in the morning and drink your coffee sitting on the balcony, overlooking the hills.

Mat and Jon got ready together in front of the crazy high windows at Dovecote. It’s lovely to watch a couple get ready for their wedding together. They helped each other with their ties and cufflinks, and put each other’s jackets on. Then the walk to the ceremony spot was only around ten seconds (literally on the balcony outside).

Mat specifically mentioned that he loved cows, and would like some shots with cows. So after the ceremony we all went for a walk up into the hills to find some photogenic cattle. The driveway to Dovecote is totally private and is very long, so you can pretty much just walk up along the driveway and meet cows everywhere. There are also heaps of nice old trees, dams, and some high ridge lines facing west into the setting sun.

Mat and Jon were wonderful hosts. They were super relaxed all day (no doubt partially a by product of having such a small intimate wedding!) Thanks for having me, guys!

I’d love to shoot another Dovecote Gerringong wedding

I adored shooting at this wonderful piece of paradise on the South coast. I’ve shot a few elopements during the Covid period; you might also like to see Caitlin + Steve’s Somerley House elopement. 

If you’re planning a Dovecote Gerringong wedding or elopement, and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to be involved!

a wide angle shot of a dovecote gerringong wedding a beautiful dovecote gerringong wedding ceremony on an outside deck with rolling hills in the background a newly married same sex couple walk in the hills after their dovecote gerringong wedding

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