Bowral Photographer | 2017, a Summary

In 2017, I photographed 73 weddings in three countries (Australia, New Zealand and Canada). Of those Aussie ones, most of them were in the Highlands – I still call myself a Bowral Photographer, as I live in Bowral, and most of my weddings are there. But I also love to travel around.

[edit: after posting this, I actually had some other random wedding photographer message me on Facebook and tell me off for shooting so many weddings in one year! What a weirdo…]

People often ask me how I manage with so many weddings. Don’t I get jaded? Don’t I get behind with my editing?

I’m not sure, I reply: I just do it. To me it really doesn’t seem like a lot. I love my job, I love meeting new people, going to new places. People are a huge source of my inspiration – how two people met, how they fell in love. How they ended up where they are today. I draw lots of inspiration from these stories. The story of each couple is unique, and being able to document 73 of these stories over 12 months – well, that’s an absolute honour. I’m so, so happy that I get to be a Bowral photographer.

2017 was also the year that Michelle (my wife) decided to learn how to shoot wedding films. That’s right, from now on if you book me for your photography, you can also book Michelle for a gorgeous documentary style wedding film. Turns out she’s quite good at it – scroll down to the bottom of this post to see one of her films.

This year we also did some traveling, as we always do. We spent a few weeks in Africa with good friends, then to France and Canada to Visit Michelle’s family.

2018 is shaping up to be wonderful. I have 63 weddings confirmed so far, and I’ll take a few more before closing my books.

Here are some images I love from some of my 2017 weddings. If you’re looking for a Bowral photographer, I’d love to hear from you. Oh and if you’re planning a wedding, you might also love to check out this blog post I made called How to Plan an Awesome Wedding. You could also check out one of my favourite weddings of the year, this Wombat Hollow wedding.

Newly married couple cimbing a fence in this photo taken by me, a Bowral Photographer Couple smile in the sunlight before their wedding, taken my me, a Bowral photographer


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