wedding couple at mali brae farm

Mali Brae Farm Wedding | Kate + Tony

This Mali Brae Farm wedding was my first at the venue, and, looking back, it was a wonderful way for me to be introduced to such a special part of the Southern Highlands. Sitting here with a warm coffee in my hands, I remember that this day was cold, even for the Highlands. A bitter wind was blowing up through the valley, so I was quietly chuffed when Kate produced a lovely knee-length red jacket to wear in between our photos. She looked a little like Little Red Riding Hood.

My first Mali Brae Farm wedding, and why it was so awesome

I loved that there were so many carefully thought-out pretty things to photograph at this Mali Brae Farm wedding. A cake, invitations, a beautiful dress, etc. But ultimately, that’s not what the day is really about. A wedding is about people – friends, family. Those who you cherish most in this life, and who you absolutely must have around you.

And so, it was a given that Kate’s grandmother would be at her wedding. Even if the lovely folk at Mali Brae Farm had to remove part of a fence so that her transport vehicle could get to the ceremony paddock (they did). Also, even if it was bitterly cold and windy (it was). EVEN if she wasn’t very mobile (she wasn’t), she would be there. She stayed bundled up in blankets and watched the ceremony from her bed.

And I watched with joy as I saw how much her presence meant to Kate and Tony at their Mali Brae Farm wedding.

Kate + Tony’s first song

I was also super impressed that Kate and Tony, instead of a first ‘dance’, performed a first ‘song’: that’s right, they got up and sung a song together for all the guests. I’d never seen this at a Mali Brae Farm wedding before! Epic points for thinking outside the box! If you’re planning a wedding and wondering ‘do I really need to cut a cake’ or ‘do I really need a first dance’ – well, there’s your answer 🙂

If you’re planning a Mali Brae Farm wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! 

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