Quamby Home Wedding Tasmania | Nic + Amelia

Nic + Amelia (who by the way are two of my new favourite humans) had their Quamby Home Wedding on a lovely warm Tasmanian day in January. I had prepared for Tasmania’s famous unpredictable weather – I had a warm shirt, a jumper AND a jacket, but instead I was greeted by warmth. In fact, in the almost two weeks I spent traveling around the island, I experienced an incredible array of weather. I hiked under 30 degree blue skies; I slept under a tin roof to the quiet sound of rain; I pulled my car over to watch a monumental thunderstorm roll slowly across the sky, only to give way to an incredible tangerine sunset.

A beautiful Quamby Home wedding

Quamby Home is set among seemingly never-ending fields; these aren’t just pretty fields to look at – these are farms that are being worked on daily. You know those huge long watering systems that farmers use that look like giant meccano sets? Nic and Amelia told me how they woke up the morning of their Quamby Home Tasmania wedding, and one of those long watering systems had moved overnight and was RIGHT next to their bedroom, and thus their wedding venue. Luckily the local farmers were more than happy to move it out of sight.

My interesting morning at this Quamby Home wedding

Fun story: the morning of this Quamby Home wedding, I went for a drive around the area to see if there were any epic portrait locations for us to go for some photos. I drove down lots of lovely, quiet country lanes, and I began to notice lots of huge open fields with an odd type of crop growing: it kinda looked like wheat, but was purpleish, with a round part on top. All these paddocks had massive signs: DO NOT ENTER, etc. Pfft, I thought, I’m a wedding photographer, seriously who’s going to care if I’m taking a newly married couple into this field of purple wheat? 

Well, later in the day, I discovered that these purple wheat-type plants are in fact opium poppies! Now I know why I wasn’t allowed in… I ended up finding a huge field of potato plants right next to the venue which is where I took some of the shots shot below, right on sunset. 

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I love that my job lets me see parts of Australia that I otherwise wouldn’t have visited, and meet wonderful, interesting people who I now consider my friends. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this Quamby Home wedding, and one day I’d love to come back!  You might also like to check out this Daylesford wedding, or this Canowindra wedding

Quamby Home wedding A newly married couple embrace after their Quamby Home wedding A newly married same sex couple in a potato field at sunset after their Quamby Home wedding

This wonderful venue is Quamby Home. Celebrant was Tim Grimsey. Hair by Ira Beck, makeup by Jacelyn Godfrey. Flowers by Silver Tree Botanics. Delicious food by The Little Picnic Co and Hubert and Dan. And finally, Nic’s sister in law made the delicious cake.

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