Incredible Isle of Wight wedding

I’m super excited to share this incredible Isle of Wight wedding with you here on my blog. If you’re planning a wedding on the Island and are looking for a photographer, all I can say is that you’re in for a treat. This place is just wonderful (but you probably already know this).

An incredible Isle of Wight wedding in the town of Seaview

I’d heard of the Isle of Wight, but had absolutely no idea what to expect from this island. I arrived on the car ferry, and immediately had that distinct island ‘feel’ – I like to call it ‘delicious loneliness’. In fact it’s the same thing I’ve felt in parts of the coastline through Devon and Dorset; you can be walking along and suddenly feel like you’re the only person on the planet, with just the gulls and the sweeping vistas to keep you company. What I found at this Isle of Wight wedding was a wonderful part of the world that I’d absolutely love to experience more of.

How the day panned out

This incredible Isle of Wight wedding took place in a few different locations near the lovely town of Seaview. The couple got ready in seperate houses quite close to each other. The ceremony was at St Helen’s Church in Seaview, and the reception was at a house. The couple put up a marquee in the backyard (it ended up being such a lovely afternoon that the marquee was barely used!)

For portraits I took the couple to the old abandoned Priory Bay Hotel. I’m sure this place was amazing when it was still in operation. Now that it is abandoned and covered with Ivy, it is an absolute photographer’s dream! I had the entire place to myself. Old crumbling stone walls, ivy-covered walkways, an old ruined chapel – so many amazing places for me to shoot at. An amazing portrait location for an amazing Isle of Wight wedding.

If you’re planning an incredible Isle of Wight wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! 

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