Bundanon Trust Riversdale Wedding | Nicola + John

I’m stoked to share Nicola and John’s Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding with you today. This incredible venue is set in an absolutely amazing location (see that first photo below? that’s the view from the reception… crazy, right). Bundanon is deliciously hidden in a huge area of bush, and I’m sure the guests at this wedding felt like they were in a very special place, far removed from their day to day lives. 

A Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding

My last wedding at this venue was around four years ago. So, I remember from that wedding that there is a LOT of lovely wildlife to be seen here. Nicola and John’s wedding was no different: Craig Holbook (on video – scroll to the bottom to see his awesome film) and I tried to make friends with a wombat (he got scared and ran underground), then we tried to get close to some kangaroos, but they ran away too haha. 

Nicola + John

This couple were wonderful to shoot – they weren’t worried in the slightest by the mid-December South Coast heat. I felt very welcome amongst their lovely friends and family; it’s pretty amazing when you can arrive in the morning without knowing a single person but leave the wedding feeling like you’ve made some good friends. For this reason, I departed this Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding with a full belly and a full soul. 

Other vendors 

It was also great to work with my friend, awesome celebrant Kristie Wilkinson. Nicola’s makeup was expertly done by my good friend Michelle Cato, and her hair was by the ultra-talented Holly Gould. 

I love this venue. If you’re planning a Bundanon Trust Riversdale Wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! You might also like to have a look at one of my other South Coast weddings here

A wedding dress hanging against a large bookshelf at a Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding A photo of a Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding ceremony, take from high on a hill, showing the couple and their guests with a backdrop of the river A bride's friends hug her after her Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding A newly married bride and groom standing next to the river after then Bundanon Trust Riversdale wedding

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