A bride and groom embrace at sunset at their Seclusions Blue Mountains Wedding

Seclusions Blue Mountains Wedding

There aren’t many venues further than three hours from my house to which I’d happily drive and shoot a wedding every weekend. Seclusions Blue Mountains is one of those venues. You know that lovely warm feeling when you arrive home after a long drive? That’s how I felt arriving at Seclusions, and I’d never even been there before.

My first Seclusions Blue Mountains Wedding

I guess I’d been ‘friends’ with the owners of Seclusions for a while. They’d been commenting here and there on my instagram posts and we had figured out that I’d be shooting at Seclusions soon. So it was really cool to meet them when I finally arrived after my long drive. I was immediately impressed with the venue; it’s cool to arrive to a new venue because you kind of see it how a guest might when they arrive for the first time. I immediately noticed how all the various aspects of the venue – ceremony spot, canape area and reception space – were super close. Not much walking involved for the guests as they move between one area and another. This kind of functionality makes a huge difference! I fell in love with the amazing spaces around the venue – so many cool spots for me to take photos.

Beth and Trent were wonderfully adventurous and spending the day with them made this Seclusions Blue Mountains wedding super fun. I had a great day with them and their guests.

Thanks for having me Beth and Trent! And my friends at Seclusions, thank you for having me along at your beautiful venue – I cant’ wait to come back.

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