Terrara House Wedding Nowra | Ali + Matt + their bulldogs

Ali + Matt’s Terrara House wedding will go down as one of my most memorable weddings ever, and I’ll explain why. When I met Ali and Matt for coffee a year or so before the wedding, we bonded pretty quickly over various things, mainly our love of good food and coffee, of the south coast and the beach, and of course of animals. They love bulldogs, and consequently they own a pair of these awesome pets.   Later that day, I promptly went home and forgot all about those lovely big dogs.

The Terrara House wedding day

Cue the wedding day, and Terrara House was looking wonderful. There were quite a few groomsmen, and accordingly the boys arrived in not one but two helicopters. Ali was looking absolutely incredible. I headed over the ceremony spot a little early to photograph some of the emotion and excitement… WHAT DID I SEE?!?! the bulldogs! It turns out that the ring-bearers on the day were none other that these two beautiful big bulldogs.

Towards the end of this Terrara House wedding ceremony, and as if they’d been perfectly trained for the occasion, I watched as both dogs were lead obediently down the aisle where they delivered their payload to their owners. Rings were exchanged, and accordingly the festivities commenced. This day reminded me of all the odd animals that I’ve seen acting as ring bearers, such as dogs, and even a big fat fluffy rabbit. I very much look forward to the day where I see a cat as a ring bearer. I hereby issue this challenge to you: if you’re going to have your cat as a ring-bearer, I really, really want to be there to take photos.

The Details

I loved Ali’s incredible Inbal Dror gown, sourced from Helen Rodrigues in North Sydney.  My good friend Makeup by Megan absolutely nailed the girls’ makeup, based in Berry; hair was by Carly Woods. Legendary Melbourne-based celebrant Anthony Cribbes officiated the wedding and I was stoked to finally meet this guy; I seriously love this guy (and his beard is A+).

Ali + Matt’s infectious good humour meant that their whole wedding day was a joy to be involved in. I think the bulldogs went home in their doggy limousine (yes, such a thing does exist just for this type of occasion) and we partied on into the night.

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A bride and groom pose for a photo after their Terrara House wedding



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