Bannisters Mollymook Wedding | Lisa + James

I’m really happy to share this Bannisters Mollymook wedding with you. If you leave Sydney and drive south for somewhere between two and three hours, you’ll come to a small seaside town called Mollymook. A wonderful little town with lovely scenery, close to the beach, and above all here you can find a great spot called Bannisters.

A few details about this Bannisters Mollymook wedding

A Bannisters Mollymook wedding is pretty special. You’re right on the water – like, the rooms all have basically water frontage. You can walk onto your balcony and be right there near the ocean. The ceremony spot is lovely, on the grass near the restaurant. There are some really great photo spots within walking distance, such as the epic beach you see in the images below. This beach is just a 5 min walk along a nice wooden boardwalk.

Once you’re done with photos you can head back inside and be served some of the most wonderful wedding food I’ve ever eaten. The food here is seriously incredible! Hearty and non-pretentious, simple and delicious. The restaurant area is a light-filled room that looks beautiful even without lots of styling.

I was very happy to spend this Bannisters Mollymook wedding with Lisa, James and their families. In fact I had also been lucky enough to photograph the wedding of one of the guests in attendance so I had some familiar faces around me.

If you’re getting married at Bannisters and are looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! I shoot weddings all throughout the Illawarra and the South Coast.

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