A beautiful Peppers Craigieburn wedding

A grand old estate set on acres of lush green lawns. Tall pines, rustic old sheds, a cool tennis court. And inside an awesome bar to spend those cool Highlands evenings. At a Peppers Craigieburn wedding you can take advantage of all of this and so much more.

A Peppers Craigieburn wedding

Not to be confused with Peppers Manor House (that’s actually in Sutton Forest), I turned up for this Peppers Cragieburn wedding on a lovely early autumn day. I was in a good mood – I knew i’d be shooting alongside Tom Coburn, awesome videographer and good friend of mine. We walked around the grounds of the property, planning the day, figuring out where we’d like to take our lovely couple for photos later on.

Amy and Daniel are pretty awesome people. Very well suited and the kind of people who make you feel immediately comfortable. Their Peppers Craigieburn wedding was an incredible day that went off without a hitch – I had an awesome time. In fact, in August 2019 I’ll have the chance to photograph the wedding of Amy’s sister (one of the bridesmaids) in Positano, Italy! Absolutely stoked to be involved in that wedding too – you can click here to see it.

One of my favourite parts of any wedding is the confetti throw as the couple walk back up the aisle. I reckon every couple should do this! If your venue allows it, grab some eco confetti (not the plastic stuff) and have someone hand it out while you’re signing the marriage certificate. Then have the celebrant announce that, as you walk back up the aisle, the guests are to throw it at you. It makes for a wonderful photo, and really helps to loosen the guests up. This is exactly what happened at this Peppers Craigieburn wedding. You can scroll down to see the photos of this epic confetti toss!

After this Peppers Craigieburn wedding ceremony we went for a drive to a few little spots around Bowral that I love. An old church on Tourist road (oh how I’d love to photograph a wedding ceremony there one day); and a few secluded streets. We drove around Bowral searching for autumn colour, and we were rewarded with some lovely reds, yellows and oranges. We even managed to catch the sun setting (and not get hit by a car in the process!)

A lovely reception at this Peppers Craigieburn wedding

We made it back to Peppers Craigieburn for the wedding reception. Warm and snug inside, we dined and drank until late in the evening. The reception was presided over by my friends Kate and Tom who own and run White Clover Music. There’s basically nothing these guys can’t do! They are singer/songwriters; they play acoustic music at the ceremony; the DJ and MC the reception, and amongst all this they keep things on track and everything running smoothly. They’re a wonderful addition to any wedding. Oh and they’re really nice too.

Amy and Daniel, thanks for having me  😀  If you love this venue then you might also like to look at this Robertson Hotel wedding I shot a few months ago. Peppers Craigieburn also has a sister venue; you can look at my Peppers Manor House wedding here. If you’re having your wedding at Peppers and are looking for a photographer, please contact me here!

A wedding ceremony at Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral A bride and groom kiss at their Peppers Craigieburn wedding in Bowral Guests throw confetti at a newly married bride and groom at their Peppers Craigieburn wedding ceremony in Bowral A newly married couple stand in front of amazing autumn colours at their Peppers Craigieburn wedding in Bowral A newly married bride and groom during their first dance at their Peppers Craigieburn wedding reception in Bowral



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