Seacliff House Wedding Gerringong | Sam + Rach

Every year, I have one wedding that I’ll never forget due to either the crazy icy cold, or the absolute scorching heat on that particular day. Sam + Rach’s Seacliff House wedding in Gerringong takes the cake for 2018. Not only was it my first wedding at Seacliff House (which by the way is an absolute cracker of a wedding venue), but it was SO hot during the ceremony that, for the first time in my career, I had to walk away from the ceremony to get some water! It was either that or pass out in the aisle which wouldn’t have been a good look…

A Warm Seacliff House Wedding

Despite the heat, and even though it was somewhat hard to press the buttons on my camera with my sweat-drenched fingers (kinda felt like we were all in a tropical place like Bali), this was a wonderfully joyous and fun wedding. It was awesome to watch the heat waves against the blue sky and the amazing view from the venue. Standing on the ceremony spot at this Seacliff House wedding I was able to see unrestricted right across to the ocean. 

Sam + Rach

Sam and Rach are the kind of people you feel you’ve known for ages, even though you’ve met them once before. They family are all lovely. Their friends are all lovely. Everyone was just lovely, including the wonderful celebrant Carly Brown. Music was by my good friends at Oberon Lane (man, these guys sound like angels) and if you’re after some music for your ceremony or reception I highly suggest you check them out. 

Thanks for having us at this Seacliff House wedding!

Sam and Rach, thank you so much for having Michelle and I along! If you’re considering a wedding at this awesome venue, you can see more shots at this link. From here you could also check out Zannie + Cam’s Melross wedding here

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