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From the moment that I arrived at Amanusa Bali, I was absolutely, utterly and completely captivated. I could not believe what my eyes were taking in: could such a place actually exist? And not only that, could a couple actually hold their wedding at this magical location? This Amanusa Bali wedding was absolutely incredible.

I left my hotel that morning, and made my way in a taxi through the streets of Seminyak. It was hot; humid – hey, it was Bali. We passed rice paddies; long boulevards fringed with tall palms; people going about their daily business. We eventually reached Nusa Dua and then entered the grounds of Amanusa.

My first thought was ‘is this a castle’? The walls, they looked like the battlements of some medieval fortress, set among a quiet and welcome grove of palms, beautiful flowers and rolling hills.

Amanusa is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my entire life.

Georgie and Tim are from Sydney, but live in Portland, in the USA. We spent the day hopping from the shade of one palm to the next; when the sun was low we finally made our way into the open fields to bid the day farewell.

If you’re planning an Amanusa Bali wedding, or a wedding anywhere in Bali, I’d love to come back and experience this magical venue again, so please get in touch.

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