Destination Wedding Photographer | 2015 Summary

To be honest, I wasn’t even going to make one of these ‘2015 – Best Of / Destination Wedding Photographer’ blog posts. Posts like these take quite a long time to prepare, and I’m not sure if there is much value or merit in a whole bunch of my favourite images from 2015, all thrown together. It is kinda easy to take a bunch of single nice images, put them together and make a pretty blog post; I figured that, if you’re looking at booking a wedding photographer, you’re probably more interested in seeing blog posts from full weddings, rather than summaries from the year.

Then this afternoon, I decided to do one anyway 🙂

My Destination Wedding Photographer summary

So, 2015. Here are some figures:

  • 68 weddings
  • in 5 countries
  • Around 170,000 images taken over 2 main camera bodies
  • Around 54,400 images delivered to clients
  • 45,000km driven for weddings

It is really, really difficult to pick my ‘favourite’ images of the year. In fact, I found it impossible. I’m quite sure there are images, moments, emotions that I’ve missed. In fact the images below really just skim the surface of the incredible celebrations of which I was able to be a part during the last 12 months.

Going viral

I went viral. Twice. Both times for causes I strongly believe in: marriage equality, and how technology is overtaking our lives and letting people think that it is ok to live life from the back of a mobile phone.  I loved the publicity and extra work this generated but I also learned that I’m really happy doing what I love in relative obscurity. I’m glad my stint at fame was short lived.

My sincere thank you to all those who have invited Michelle and I along to document your day during 2015. We have a pretty special job, and this is something I remember each and every day. I try to do a post like this every year; you can see 2016 Southern Highlands Photographer summary here.

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