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Rippon Wanaka Wedding – Idelia + Ram

There’s something pretty special about being near the mountains, and at this Rippon Wanaka wedding, I wasn’t just near the mountains – I was in them. I had the absolute pleasure of shooting not one but two weddings for ID and Ram. The first was a Hindu wedding in Sydney, and the second was this Wanaka wedding you’re looking at right now.

An amazing Rippon Wanaka wedding

I could tell you all about how much fun Michelle and I had with ID, Ram and their families and friends, but I feel I do that often in my blog posts. I must be pretty lucky, as I often end up working with couples that I really get along with. I could also pen some words about how incredible New Zealand is, especially the mountains we flew up to in a helicopter for our portraits at this Rippon Wanaka wedding. But again, I’ve talked about this in previous blog posts.

So instead, I’ll tell you how grateful I am that I get to spend these days with my clients – what is without doubt one of the most important days of their lives. I recall shooting the portraits of ID and Ram at their Rippon Wanaka wedding below, and Ram asking me to pass him my phone so he could snap some shots of me up on the mountain (I’ll post one at the bottom of this post). I remember at that moment thinking ‘yeah, this is pretty awesome, but you know what’s even better – right now you’re technically ‘working’. I’m forever grateful that I get to see these places, meet these people, and pursue my hobby and passion – and I get to call it my job at the same time.

So, I hope you enjoy viewing this Rippon Wanaka wedding as much as I enjoyed shooting it. Rippon is a wonderful venue in the hills just outside Wanaka, with a pretty incredible view across grape vines and Lake Wanaka. We ate awesome food while breathing the mountain air and drinking wonderful NZ wine. Oh and if you’re reading this, planning a wedding, and you’re wondering how to make your first dance absolutely epic: why not add some confetti canons?! Check out the images below to see what I mean.

Are you planning a Rippon Wanaka wedding? Get in touch!

If you’re planning a Rippon Wanaka wedding, or a wedding anywhere in Wanaka, and you’re looking for a photographer – I’d love to hear from you. I’ve shot various weddings in NZ; you might want to check out another of my Wanaka Weddings here, or alternatively an awesome Arthurs Pass wedding here.

A newly married couple play on a mountaintop after their Rippon Wanaka wedding A Rippon Wanaka wedding in full swing with guests eating and dancing

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Oh and here’s me shooting at this Rippon Wanaka wedding 🙂

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