Bendooley Stables Wedding | Mark + Danny at Bendooley Stables

I was lucky enough to shoot the VERY FIRST Bendooley Stables wedding! This was literally the first wedding ever held at the new Stables, and what a way to kick things off.

A Bendooley Stables wedding – my happy place

If you follow my instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I shoot at Bendooley a LOT – like, sometimes 10-15 times in one year. For this reason, over the years I’ve developed a great relationship with the guys at Bendooley.  The wedding and restaurant co-ordinators and managers; the bar staff, and even the owners. They’re really good to me, and, in return, I try to do my absolute best for every single Bendooley Estate wedding that I shoot.

Because of this relationship, I managed to get little sneak peaks into the progress of the Stables as it was built. Now that it’s done, I can tell you that it is an absolutely AMAZING place to get married, and I can’t wait to shoot more Bendooley Stables weddings.

There’s one man who works at Bendooley with whom I’ve become quite close friends. If you’ve been to a wedding here, or even dropped in for lunch, chances are you might have come across Mark. If you’ve had your own wedding at Bendooley, then I have no doubt that this good natured, generous and welcoming man played a pretty significant role in your day, and that you consider him a friend, like I do. So, on this day, it was marks turn to be a groom, and to be in front of my camera.

Every time I arrive to shoot at Bendooley Estate, I get a ‘Hello Love!’ and a huge bear hug from Mark. Any nerves or apprehension I have about the day (yep, even your photographer gets nervous sometimes) vanish. It’s like I’m just hanging out with an old friend. It was a real joy to finally see Mark as a groom at his own Bendooley Stables wedding. 

Mark, Danny, and their Bendooley Stables wedding

32 years ago, Mark met Danny. I don’t think there could possibly be a more fitting partner for my friend Mark as this wonderful man. Watching the two of them together is like watching a pair of cheeky 17 year-old lovers who have only recently met. Their joy and love is wonderfully infectious, and being involved in their Bendooley Stables wedding was an absolute joy.

Mark, Danny: THANK YOU for being my friends, and for inviting me along to document your wedding. And you, reader, I hope you enjoy my photos of Mark + Danny’s Bendooley Stables wedding. Michelle came along too and made a beautiful wedding film – you’ll see that down the bottom, under my photos. And if you enjoyed this blog post, why not have a look at Caitlin + Rob’s autumn Bendooley Estate wedding here.

A Bendooley Stables wedding ceremony, with the celebrant and couple in the foreground, and the guests in the background A newly married couple walk back down the aisle after their Bendooley Stables wedding; one groom is throwing his hand into the air out of apparent happiness A newly married pair of grooms stand in a field with cows in the background after their Bendooley Stables wedding A same-sex couple stand against a huge barn door at their Bendooley Stables wedding A newly married couple cut their wedding cake at their Bendooley Stables wedding

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