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Wanaka Wedding Photographer | Criffel Station Woolshed

I’m very proud to share this epic Wanaka Wedding with you today.

Both my parents are in fact Kiwis (although I was born in the UK). We moved to Australia when I was very young. I do love Aus, but sometimes I wonder how my life would have been different if Mum and Dad had decided to settle in New Zealand, rather that shifting the family to Sydney. Would I still be living in NZ, or would I have moved to Aus eventually anyway? Would I be the same guy I am now, or someone else completely?


I can’t deny that I feel an incredible pull towards this small, quiet, safe and achingly beautiful country. Landing in Queenstown does in fact feel like coming home, but I’m quite sure this is a feeling shared by most people who arrive here, Kiwi-heritage or not. During this trip, Michelle kept telling me how she felt that New Zealand was like so many other countries that we’ve been to, all in one: a bit of Norway, some Croatia, Italy, with a healthy dose of the UK too.

My day as a Wanaka Wedding photographer

A short drive from Queenstown is the small lakeside town of Wanaka, and a (very) short drive from Wanaka, in the mountains, is where Dwayne and Lisa’s wedding took place. A ceremony at the family farm, a helicopter up to a high peak, and then a reception at the wonderful Criffel Station Woolshed. Oh, I’m pretty fond of animals too, so it was with great pleasure that we were photobombed by some marauding alpacas.

I hope you enjoy this Wanaka Wedding. If you liked this post, you can also click through to see an amazing Arthurs Pass wedding on my blog too. If you’re planning a wedding in Wanaka, or anywhere in New Zealand, and you like my work – please get in touch 🙂

A bride and groom stand atop a mountain after their Wanaka wedding A bride and groom pose for a photo after their Wanaka wedding. The groom is wearing a beautiful Inbal Dror gown.


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