Cupitts Winery Wedding | Jacki + Pav

This is a blog post about a wonderful Cupitts Winery wedding. ¬†Cupitts is a magical winery near Milton, on the NSW South Coast. It’s a lovely quiet spot set right next to open paddocks with cows, rolling hills, and of course grape vines.

It’s hard to share a small selection of¬†images that properly sum up a wedding day, and the two people who were married. How can I possibly describe 12 hours of nerves, excitement, laughter and tears with just a few shots?

My lovely bride and groom, Pav + Jacki

Say hi to Pav + Jacki. I’ll forever remember the infectious smiles of these two lovely people. One moment I’d see Pav tearing up during a speech; then the next moment I’d see him randomly start dancing out of the corner of my eye, even though no music was playing. We went out at sunset for a walk around Cupitts Winery and Restaurant, and I really wasn’t surprised to see him start randomly dancing as we walked along. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom who loves dancing as much as this guy.

A Cupitts Winery wedding is a wonderful thing

Cupitts Winery is a pretty wonderful place to hold your nuptials. You can get ready at the cottage on-site; you can walk down to the ceremony, you can walk to various spots for photos, then you’ll be back at the reception without ever having to drive anywhere. I love wedding venues like this where everything is in the one place. And later in the evening when the sun starts to set, the light-show you see over the vineyards is pretty spectacular. Scroll down to have a look.

So, here’s just a few images that I feel represent this Cupitts Winery wedding: Pav dancing; Jacki laughing at Pav’s amazing dance moves; while in the background the cows watch with envy and the afternoon turns to night.

A married couple embrace on their wedding day during the Cupitts Winery wedding A newly married couple dance in a field at sunset during their Cupitts Winery wedding


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