2021 // A Year in Review

2021 was… an interesting year. If two years ago someone had told me that for the next few years I’d lose half my work due to a global pandemic, i’d have laughed in their face. This was the second year in a row where I’ve had to postpone 25-30 weddings, and in which I haven’t travelled overseas (if you know me, you know this is a big deal!) Yet still, I’ve haven’t been sick, i’ve had enough food on the table, and I’ve still had the chance to shoot some wonderful couples, so I’m still very grateful. 

First, some stats. In 2021 I shot I 55 weddings (seems like a lot given current events!). That’s around 220,000 photos! To shoot these weddings I drove something like 7000 kms (that’s actually lower than usual I think). To edit these weddings, I spent around 330 hours sitting at my desk using Lightroom. I ordered 20 fine-art wedding albums over the last 12 months from my wonderful album company Vision Art.  

And here are my top 9 images according to instagram likes this year: 

Going through the year’s images to find my favourites is actually really tough. What are my ‘best’ images? How do I even figure out what those are? The photos below may or may not be my best from the year – but they’re definitely my favourites. Photos that make me feel happy, and take me straight back to the fun time I was having in the moment that I took them. And that, I feel, is the real value in a great photo – it can transport you, and really make you feel something. 

To all my couples from 2021 – you did it! You conquered the pandemic and crazy weather and you had a great party and married your best friend. Thank you for asking me to come along and document your big day. To my couples in 2022, let’s do this! I can’t wait to be involved in your wedding day! 

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