Jaspers Wedding | Megan + Mitch

This Jaspers wedding is absolute proof that rain on your wedding day is not a bad thing! Whenever I wake up the morning of a wedding I like to check the weather, see what kind of afternoon I’m on for. I recall looking at the weather app on the morning of Megan and Mitch’s Jaspers wedding and seeing a little cloud with a bunch of rain below it. This is the kind of news that you might see as negative, but in fact I love shooting in bad, cold, rainy weather – it gives me the opportunity to shoot some really lovely creative shots that good weather doesn’t allow.

Jaspers, Berry; one of my favourite wedding venues

Tucked just off the highway near Berry, but feeling a world away, is Jaspers. As far as wedding venues go, this one is wonderful, and over the years i’ve had the pleasure of shooting lots of Jaspers weddings. There are places for all of the bridal party to get ready on the day; there’s a salon space for hair / makeup. There’s a pool for those hot days (see the boys below). The ceremony space is one of my favourites at any venue, as it’s somewhat west-facing, meaning even in harsh sun it isn’t too difficult to photograph, and you won’t have to squint during your vows. There are plenty of photo locations (I discover new ones every time I’m there), and the reception room is beautiful.

Megan + Mitch’s Jaspers wedding

When I think back to Megan and Mitch’s Jaspers wedding, I pretty much can’t think of a moment when these two didn’t have massive grins on their faces. I generally only have one piece of advice to my couples, and that is to go into your wedding day with the intention of having fun. There are, of course, various factors that might stress you out, but if you can keep in mind that your friends are all there with you, you have a heap of good food and alcohol, you can keep the fun going. This is pretty much what Megan and Mitch did at their Jaspers wedding: ate, drank, and laughed, and didn’t give a damn about the rain.

If you’re looking at having a Jaspers wedding and are looking for a photographer, i’d love to hear from you. I love this venue and I’d love to shoot here again, whatever the weather. You can also check out Shaani and Tom’s Jaspers Berry wedding here on my blog.

A newly married couple stand inn a driveway on a rainy day at their Jaspers wedding in Berry, NSW South Coast. The bride is wearing a beautiful wedding gown. A bride and groom sit at the bridal table during their Jaspers wedding reception and listen to speeches A couple in their wedding clothes stand under a tree at night at their Jaspers wedding. It's raining and the scene looks ethereal, like something out of a science fiction movie.

venue  |  Jaspers, Berry

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