Briars Bowral Wedding Photos | Tara + Ryan

Hey there, and welcome to Tara and Ryan’s wonderful Briars Bowral wedding. This wedding featured the following: a fantastic venue, a wonderful autumn day, excellent food, a crazy bridal party, and an absolutely incredible golden sunset.

A Briars Bowral wedding venue

Let’s start with the venue. I absolutely love the Briars. There are hotel rooms on site so you can get ready there with the bridal party. The ceremony location is onsite, very close, and is west-facing (meaning the sun is perfectly placed for photos during the ceremony). There are SO many different places for photos at the venue: tennis courts, a forest of tall pines, a lake + rotunda, walls + flowers of the inn, and a huge open field where sunset lights up the sky. Oh and the food is great too.

Tara + Ryan

This Briars Bowral wedding was wonderful from start to finish. I’ve grown very fond of Tara + Ryan; this is something that seems to happen quite a lot. During the leadup to the wedding we exchange lots and lots of emails; the the time the wedding rolls around, I really feel like we know each other. The sad part of this is that, after the wedding and the delivery of images, we don’t get to chat much anymore.

The highlight of this day was our sunset walk to the field next door to the Briars. This is something I try to do at each wedding. I time it perfectly, and we go for a short stroll 10 minutes before the sun drops. On this occasion we were met with an absolute treat: clear skies, and incredibly golden sunlight through the field of wheat. It was quite incredible.

While I love the Briars, there are also heaps of other amazing wedding venues in the Highlands. Check out this Centennial Vineyards wedding that I absolutely loved. If you’re having a Briars Bowral wedding and are looking for a photographer, you can contact me here.

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