Somerley House Wedding Sutton Forest | Natasha + Julius

I’m very happy to share this wonderful Somerley House wedding with you. As some of you guys may know, the wedding ‘off-season’ in the Southern Highlands is July until September – winter, obviously. During this period there are fewer weddings in Bowral quite simply because it’s cold and can get pretty miserable. This time of the year I tend to go overseas to warmer climates (I’m typing this in the midst of a humid Canadian summer), and blog some of my favourite weddings from the last season. This wedding was one of my favourites from the last few years – scroll down to see why. If you like cute animals, it might just end up being one of your favourites, too. 

My love affair with this wonderful Somerley House wedding

I have a real love affair with this Somerley House wedding. Venues like this are why I love living and working in the Southern Highlands. A grand old estate on large acreage; manicured gardens, wild forests, open paddocks; chickens, cats, dogs and even a few peacocks roaming the grounds. A wonderful ceremony spot beneath the trees; a very special hall for the reception (replete with candles + creaky wooden floorboards). Somerley House is quite close to Moss Vale and Bowral, but feels worlds apart, and is totally private and separated from passers by. 

A special ring bearer at this Somerley House wedding

As you scroll through these images you’ll notice something quite special. Normally, it is left to a best man to deliver the wedding rings to the groom towards the end of a ceremony. Natasha and Julius opted to have no bridal party; instead, their rings were delivered not by a person, but by a rabbit. His name is Mr Kennedy; he’s big, fluffy, and extremely cute. He sat patiently at the front of the ceremony while his owners delivered their vows to each other, and when the time was right, he shined.

I hole-heartedly encourage the use of animals as ring bearers. The day that I photograph a wedding in which a cat is the ring-bearer – I feel that on that day, my life will be complete 🙂

Are you planning a Somerley House wedding? I’d love to hear from you! 

If you’re organising a Somerley House wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, you might also like to see one of my other weddings from Somerley House (from when the venue used to be called Summerlees). Click here to see this awesome Summerlees wedding. There’s also an awesome venue right next to Somerley House in Sutton Forest called Hillview; you can see my Hillview Heritage Hotel wedding here.

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