2020 | A Summary

Ahhhh 2020, the year that most of us would quite frankly like to forget. More than a few times this year Michelle and I have felt like we’ve just been treading water, waiting for for the year to be over and for 2021 to come and bring better things. But amongst all this frustration, I’ve met some incredibly positive and resilient people, and the photos below are testament to this.

Some of the couples below were able to continue with their original wedding plans without much change. Maybe fewer guests and some dancing restrictions but that’s about it. Lots of them continued with their original plans but had to heavily modify things: far fewer guests, no dancing at all, no hugging or mingling. Some of them had to postpone their entire wedding date, at the last minute. I can’t imaging how stressful this must have been.

But through all of this, time and time again I’ve admired how resilient people can be in tough times. I’ve proudly watched as many of my fellow humans decided that, in fact, the most important thing about their wedding wasn’t the cake, the 150 people or the dancing, but that they finally got to celebrate the fact that they’ve found each other, and all those other little details really didn’t matter.

In 2020 I shot 51 weddings. That’s pretty cool considering we’ve been in the midst of a global pandemic since March! As per usual I posted daily on Instagram. Here are my ‘top 9’ Insta images for 2020, ranked by number of likes:

To every couple I’ve worked with this year: thank you for trusting me with documenting your wedding day. To the couples who have postponed from this year until next, I can’t wait to be involved in your wedding, whenever that might happen. And to the couples I haven’t worked with yet – or haven’t even booked me yet – I’d love to work with you 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone. 2021 is going to be wonderful 😀

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