Bendooley Estate Book Barn Wedding

A beautiful Bendooley Estate Book Barn Wedding

I’m stoked to share this Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding with you on my blog! I guess every wedding photographer has that one venue that they shoot at a lot, and that they know really well. For me that is Bendooley Estate. If you’re reached this blog post via a google search for the venue then I assume you know how epic this place is. If for some reason you aren’t aware of this, scroll down!  You’ll see one hell of a wedding at one hell of a venue. I just hope I was able to do it justice!

Spring: the perfect time for a Bendooley Estate Book Barn Wedding

Springtime is wonderful for a wedding as it isn’t too hot, nor is it too cold. This Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding was held on a wonderful spring day in mid November. Despite the dry weather, the venue looked amazing.

I didn’t have a huge amount of contact with Tish and Jared before the wedding. In fact we met in person for the first time at the wedding (this happens quite often). From the moment I walked into The Rift and met Tish + her bridesmaids, I knew I was in for a fun day. I was welcomed literally with open arms and made to feel like part of the family.

Tish and Jared’s bridal party were particularly raucous 😂 I often have a bride or groom apologise to me for how crazy their bridal party is. The truth is that I would much prefer to photograph a bunch of crazy loud people having heaps of fun than a group of reserved people who keep quiet and look bored!

We found a turtle! During the reception I stole Tish and Jared out for some sunset photos. As we walked back towards all the guests after our photos were done, all of a sudden Tish said to me ‘have you ever seen a turtle at Bendooley?’ Of course I hadn’t, so this was a big surprise. The little guy was just sitting on the pavement in the carpark.. We picked him up, climbed a fence and let him go near a lake.

Other vendors at this Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding

It was great to work alongside my good friends Marry Me Movies at this wedding. Their work is consistently amazing and they’re awesome to hang out with. Tish + the girls got ready at the incredible The Rift in Bowral. As a photographer I can’t recommend this place highly enough (just look at those lovely white walls below). The incredible hair and makeup you see below was crafted by my friends Kirby Lago (hair) and Nicole Hill (makeup).

Styling and the incredible florals were by Botanica Style Co. Tish’s beautiful gown was from Cheboom. Sue Jackman is a wonderful celebrant and she conducted this marvellous ceremony (she always tells the guests that I’m the best photographer in the world which is totally an exaggeration but makes me feel nice). Tillee Music serenaded us during the ceremony, and my mate Dan from Ultimate Djs turned the reception into a club on his decks during the reception. The cake you see below was by Epicure Camden, and that epic neon sign was from Sammy and Lola.

Are you planning a Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding?

If so, you might like to see a few of the other Bendooley weddings on my blog. Or click here to see Mark and Danny’s Bendooley Estate stables wedding. I adore shooting at this wonderful venue so if you’re planning a wedding at Bendooley and you’re looking for a photographer, please get in touch.

Wedding dress hanging in a doorway at The Rift Bowral in the Carriagehouse A newly married couple stand in front of the Homestead at their Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding A newly married couple piggy back each other at sunset during their Bendooley Estate Book Barn wedding

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