Bowral Marquee Wedding | Amy + Tom

As I write this text, and finalise this blog post of Amy + Tom’s Bowral Marquee Wedding, I’m sitting on my lounge watching season 4 of The Office. We are around two weeks into this crazy period of mandatory self-isolation and, at this stage, we aren’t quite sure when it’ll end.

A wonderful Bowral Marquee Wedding

Choosing the images for this Bowral Marquee Wedding blog post was actually quite therapeutic. I genuinely love my job, and as it stands right now, I have no weddings until August this year. That’s at least 5 months with no weddings. When your passion is your job, that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. Looking through these images, seeing happy, smiling people (standing close together 😂) was a wonderful reminder of what’ will return when things eventually get back to normal.

I had a wonderful day with these guys + their crew. I spent a bit of time with both Amy + Tom to shoot them getting ready. Both the ceremony + reception were at Amy’s parents’ place in the Highlands. There were a few bushfires around at this time; you might see that the light during the ceremony had a bit of an orange tinge. There was quite a bit of smoke in the air at the time. It made for some pretty epic late afternoon light.

Bowral Wedding Marquee vendors

The epic marquee you see below is courtesy of my friends at White Top Venues. I’ve worked with these guys lots of times and their marquees are incredible. In fact, they’re so talented that they also planned this entire wedding. Being a wedding planner is not an easy task! If you’re looking for a wedding planner in the Highlands, I can highly recommend them.

Amy + the girls had their makeup done by my friend Ash Quinn. Ash is one of my favourite makeup artists, and she really makes my job so much easier! Hair was by Vibe, an awesome Bowral salon. You like the girls’ bouquets? They’re by Fi Nixon Flowers. Amy’s amazing dress is by Made With Love Bridal.

And how can I forget my friend Sue Jackman, the most kind hearted celebrant you could ever meet. She makes every ceremony unique, individual and just so fun. I just love working with her.

Are you planning a Bowral Marquee Wedding?

If you’re planning a Bowral Marquee Wedding, and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! You can also click here to see another marquee wedding that I shot in the Highlands a few years back.

A newly married couple stand by a green wall at their Bowral Marquee Wedding

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