Kangaroo Valley Wedding | Bec + Amy’s same-sex wedding

There are so many things I want to type here about this Kangaroo Valley wedding; I feel that my head and heart are overflowing with things I want to share. I’m not even sure where to start. I want to write again about my passion for marriage equality, about home-made bouquets and self-decorated receptions, and shaggy highland cows, mis-matched bridesmaid outfits; but mainly about how meeting these two girls a few years back has lead to a wonderful friendship that makes my soul feel fuzzy and nice.

Same-sex marriage in Australia

I’ll always remember what I was doing when I heard the news that Australia had voted to change the legal definition of marriage: I was in the supermarket! I was updating various news sites on my phone as I strolled through the aisles, and when the headline finally popped up, I felt like running around and hugging strangers.

Bec and Amy got engaged before this plebiscite was held, before same sex marriage was legal in Australia (I can’t even believe how draconian that sounds). Much of the time they spent planning their wedding was time spent planning a ‘commitment ceremony’; then that day in the supermarket I remember being so happy that their wedding would be one of the first I would shoot where I’d hear the celebrant announce that marriage in Australia is the union of ‘two people’ and not ‘a man and a woman’. I used to get so frustrated and embarrassed at hearing those stupid few words every weekend – I wanted to yell out to all the guests ‘but I don’t agree with that definition!’

During Bec and Amy’s Kangaroo Valley wedding ceremony, I made sure to stop every now and again and look around at the guests. I was amazed and touched at the emotion that I saw. There were more people visibly crying at this wedding than any other that I’ve been to. I think, for every guest, seeing these two get married and hearing that updated legal definition was quite a beautiful experience.

This Kangaroo Valley wedding and that amazing bus

I also want to talk to you about this bus  If you aren’t sure which bus i’m referring to, you’ll just have to scroll down to take a look. This Kangaroo Valley wedding was amazing, but this location I found for our portraits just made it one of my favourite weddings ever. 

Before pretty much every wedding (unless I know the location intimately already), I’ll go location scouting; I’ll head out to wherever the wedding is, drive / walk around often for several hours, trying to find some interesting places to take my couple for photos after the ceremony. If I don’t go scouting for nice locations, I get quite anxious and worried – the process of looking for cool spots is quite calming.

So on Saturday morning I drove out to Kangaroo Valley, headed 10km out of town on this tiny winding road with no traffic, and stopped here and there, walked around a bit, gazed over fences, tried to find a photo backdrop as special as these two people are.  At one point I parked, walked over to a gate, and was looking around at the scenery. There was something metal and faded in a paddock, set amongst some trees – I almost didn’t notice it, and started to walk away – then decided to head back for another look. And this bus is what I found.

You can also see Bec + Amy’s wedding on Hello May by clicking here. 

Get in touch if you’re planning a Kangaroo Valley wedding

I hope you enjoy these images from this incredible Kangaroo Valley wedding 🙂  If you’re planning a wedding and are looking for a photographer, i’d love to hear from you.

Newly married couple after their kangaroo valley same sex wedding ceremony Newly married couple in front of an old abandoned bus after their kangaroo valley same sex wedding ceremony Newly married couple after their kangaroo valley same sex wedding ceremony Newly married couple after their kangaroo valley same sex wedding ceremony bride and bride walking through a sparkler exit at their kangaroo valley wedding

I photographed another same sex wedding a few years back; click here to see this Timberyard Edinburgh wedding.

vendor credits

ceremony  |  Spring Grove Dairy, Kangaroo Valley

reception  |  Upper River Hall, Kangaroo Valley

celebrant  |  Nina De Borde

hair  |  Boho Hair + Makeup; Niki Simpson

makeup  |  Makeup by Megan; Niki Simpson

florist  |  Martine Zacka

stationary  |  Canva 

catering  |  Cantina Movil 

cake  |  Sweetbones 

espresso martinis  |  My Little Peony

styling  |  Paradise Indoor Plant Hire; Vinnies 

favours  |  Two Boys One Crop

Furniture  |  South Coast Party Hire

signage  |  Rochelle Austin; Summer Blossom

entertainment  |  Nick Rigby Music

rings  |  Khim Jewellery on Etsy; Ingram CecilNatalie Marie Jewellery 

transport  |  Thrifty

bartending  |  Nomad Bartending 

bec’s dress  |  Maggie May Bridal

amy’s dress  |  Aiden Mattox


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