New Zealand Wedding | Julia + Dylan in Nelson

I hope you very much enjoy this wonderful New Zealand Wedding I photographed in January this year. This was a wonderful non-nonsense affair; the whole thing took place at a girl guides camp near Nelson: an outdoor ceremony, followed by a beautifully raucous reception in a giant teepee. The entire thing was proceeded by a very sweet ‘first look’.

We absolutely loved this New Zealand wedding

Michelle and I have had the pleasure of documenting a few different New Zealand weddings over the last year or so. This one in Nelson; one in Wanaka, and one near Methven. We’re heading back in September 2018 and then hopefully again in 2019. I think i’d be happy if we flew over there four times a year for weddings.

I’d never been to this part of the South Island before. I was pretty impressed with the whole area; the drive up from Christchurch was pretty epic, with lots of nice mountains and high points to take photos. The wedding itself was at a girl guide’s camp. Julia and  Dylan had organised it all themselves – completely DIY.

If you’re planning a New Zealand wedding and you’re looking for a wedding photographer, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! You can also have a look at a Wanaka wedding here.  I also photographed an awesome Arthurs Pass wedding which you can also take a look at.

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venue | Paretai Lodge, Nelson, NZ

gown | Johanna Heir

bridesmaids’ dresses | Victor Bridesmaids

suits | Hallensteins

hair | Bernadette Webster + Amore Hair

makeup + beauty | Pure Beauty Therapy

jewellery | Erstwhile Jewelery

stationary | The Blushing Teacup

florsit | Perfect Style

cake | Blackbird Eatery

catering + drinks | Kristin Harrison

teepees | TopKata Teepees

styling + design | Balencia Lane