Bistro Molines Wedding | Megan + Graham

I’m very happy to share Megan and Graham’s beautiful, teary Bistro Molines Wedding with you today.

Wedding Tears

I’m always quite lost for words when I meet someone at a wedding who is desperately trying to hold back their tears. The way I see it, wedding tears can only be a good thing: tears of joy after witnessing two kindred souls become one, or tears in response to the general emotional charge that is often present at a wedding.

Even those wedding-tears that fall when considering a certain family member who has passed, and can’t be there to experience the day – I want you to know that each and every one of those tears is special, worthwhile, and is not ever, ever something you should try to repress or feel ashamed of.

In these moments of tears you’re a child again, just reacting to a sensory overload that your soul and mind are furiously trying to process and cope with.

It is like your body’s way of saying ‘ok, ok. Now THIS is something special that you really need to think about, remember, and reflect on later.’

This Bistro Molines wedding

Bistro Molines is a pretty incredible part of the Hunter Valley. It is perched on a small rise set amongst almost endless views of grape vines and rolling hills. As I made my way around the room taking photos, eating incredible food and drinking red wine, I had that feeling I sometimes have at a wedding that I was truly a part of a very, very special evening.

I shoot around 5-10 Hunter valley weddings every year. If you liked this blog post, maybe you’d also like to see this Lindemans Hunter Valley wedding I photographed in 2016. I also photographed an awesome Circa 1876 The Convent wedding last year. If you’re planning a Bistro Molines wedding, or a wedding anywhere in the Hunter Valley, I’d love to hear from you!

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vendor credits

Venue – Bistro Molines
Celebrant – Kerryn Tippett
Hair – candice lee
Makeup – Jes O’Brien
Cake and bonbonnerie – hello Naomi
DJ – Adam at the vintage stylus
Suits – Institchu
Dress – Augusta Jones