Milton Park Wedding | Alee + Scott

What do you do when you want to have a Milton Park wedding, but you have this venue in Bowral where you absolutely LOVE the food called Biota Dining? Well, you have your ceremony at one, and your reception at the other. That’s exactly what Alee and Scott did for their wedding in Bowral this year. They somehow managed to hold their wedding at not one but two of Bowral’s loveliest wedding venues.

A wonderful time for a Milton Park wedding

Springtime; all the gardens were blooming at Milton Park wedding. Alee and Scott were married on the tulip lawn in front of 80 or so guests. They both got ready on site Рnice and easy for me to get around and photograph them both putting on their final touches.

After the ceremony at this Milton Park wedding we spent an hour or so walking the wonderful grounds of the venue. A bit of time with the bridal party and then off for some time by ourselves. Every time I shoot at a Milton Park wedding, I somehow end up finding some forgotten area of the the grounds that I didn’t even realise existed, and is perfect for photos. I honestly think I could shoot here every week and not repeat the same photo twice. Finally we made our way to Biota where an absolute feast awaited us.


The food that is consistently served at Biota is pretty incredible. There aren’t too many places in the Highlands where you can eat this calibre of deliciousness. Sometime Biota manages to make their food fine and delicious, but also ensure that no-one goes home hungry.

Harry’s speech

My favourite moment of the day: Harry’s speech. Harry is Scott’s son.

I met Harry on the morning of the wedding; he looked me in the eye and shook my hand (quite the grip). He then politely said to Scott ‘Dad, could you please help put my shoes and tie on?’ This little guy was polite and friendly from the word go.

At various points throughout the day (such as, just after the ceremony had finished) he would randomly run up to us, grab on to Alee’s hand, and yell ‘You’re the most beautiful bride in the whole world!’ and then run off to keep playing with his friends. He did this three or four times throughout the day, and it really seemed to come from him – it wasn’t that someone had said to him ‘why don’t you go and tell Alee how beautiful she looks’

Then at the reception, Harry gave a speech. I asked Alee if she could email me a copy to share with you, as I loved it so much. Here goes:

‘Hello. My name is Harry and today I am my Daddy’s Best Man. Welcome, everyone to Alee and Scott’s wedding. Doesn’t Alee look a beautiful bride, and my Dad looks very handsome too. I love my Daddy and Alee. They look after me and are lots of fun. They watch kid’s movies with me like Despicable Me and they take me to lots of great places. Welcome to the Salmon Family Alee. We love you.’

Please get in touch if you’re planning Milton Park wedding, or a wedding Biota! You can see a blog post here of another Milton Park Bowral wedding here. I have also photographed a full Biota Bowral wedding (where the ceremony and reception were both at Biota); you can check it out here.

A beautiful Milton Park Wedding ceremony in the Southern Highlands A bride and groom after their beautiful Milton Park wedding in the Southern Highlands A bride and groom at their beautiful Milton Park Wedding in the Southern Highlands A bride and groom at their beautiful Milton Park Wedding in the Southern Highlands