Metung Wedding Photographer | Sophie + Aaron

I’d never been to the Gippsland area; i’d never even heard of Metung, this tiny town at the confluence of a river and a few lakes, and I’d certainly never photographed a Metung wedding. Google maps told me Metung was quite a way from home. So, on a warm Friday morning I set out and drove 8 hours  (with multiple coffee stops). I arrived with enough time before sunset to have a look around; I discovered that Metung is an absolutely beautiful part of the world. Somewhere I’d be very keen on living one day.

A beautiful day to be a Metung Wedding Photographer

The following day – the wedding day – proved to be just as relaxed and happy as I had expected. The sky was blue; the sun was warm on our faces. The ceremony was beautiful. The family dog met us at the reception to escort Sophie and Aaron in during their welcome (photos below).  Then later on in the evening, as we were enjoying good red wine and wonderful food to nourish our souls, Sophie pulled me aside. It was just before sunset.

‘There’s this place that we go running to, whenever we’re staying in the area’ Sophie told me.

‘I love to be down there at sunset. Sometimes when we run out to the point, I like to stop for a while. Just to take it all in.’

So, naturally, we took a quick break from the reception; we piled into my car, and headed down to this spot.  At sunset. We took a few photos, and then we kinda just stopped for a while.

And took it all in.

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ceremony  |  Nyerimilang Heritage Park

reception  |  private farm

celebrant  |  Bridie Cavanagh 

bride’s dress  |  Karen Willis Holmes

hair + makeup  |  Sherriden at Envy and the Barber Shop

florist  |  Mandala Floral Designs

catering  |  Bancroft Bites