I’ve had LOTS of people messaging me over the last few years with questions, asking for my view on many things such as how to get started as a wedding photographer, which camera gear I recommend, or asking me to look at their photos and review their portfolio. I love to help people, but I’ve found the number of requests I was getting made it impossible to help everyone.

So that I can still help some people, but also be compensated for my time, I’m offering one on one mentoring sessions. These are available to any person, professional or amateur, who would like to improve their photography  skills – or their business skills specific to this industry.

I’ve been shooting 70+ weddings for the last 5 years (and 40+ since 2010), and if I’m mentoring you, I’m a completely open book – ask me anything you like and I’ll give you my most in-depth and detailed answer. I won’t hold anything back.

Some of the things we could chat about:

  • gear – what I’ve found works best, what doesn’t work, which lenses I love, etc
  • photographic theory (composition, rule of thirds, negative space, etc)
  • post production and editing
  • marketing and how to get work
  • post-wedding workflow; safe image backup
  • contracts and business structure
  • emails, talking with clients, making clients feel comfortable to get the best out of them in front of the camera
  • albums
  • pretty much anything you can think of

The cost for these sessions is $300 + gst per hour, or three hours (in one hour segments) for $750 + gst. These can be in person or via facetime / skype.

If you’re interested in having a chat please get in touch – i’d be more than happy to help: