Yep that’s right – as of December 2017, I’m offering wedding films in addition to photos 🙂

After having photographed weddings with me for around five years, my wife Michelle is now shooting wedding films. I get asked quite frequently if I offer video services in addition to photos, and I’m happy to now be able to respond with ‘yes, I do’. Scroll down to see some of Michelle’s work. As she shoots more films, I’ll keep adding more below so check back every so often.

We really wanted to offer a film service to couples that otherwise, due to price or some other factor, wouldn’t be getting a wedding film in addition to photos.  As such, we’ve tried to keep things very simple. You’ll receive a 7-12 minute highlight film from your wedding day, fully edited, to a beautiful soundtrack, within 6 weeks of your wedding.

We chose to offer films without any audio from speeches and vows. This means Michelle needs to bring less equipment, spend less time setting things up to record voice, and also means that we can offer our films at a very competitive rate. We don’t want to compete with my videographer colleagues – we want to offer something different and simple.

If you do want a more complex film with speeches, vows etc recorded, I can refer you to some amazing videographers who do this. I have some great contacts!

You can add a wedding film to any of my photography packages for a very affordable rate; contact me here for me details.