Bendooley Wedding | Hannah + Colin

I had a brief talk with Colin just before Hannah walked down the aisle at this Bendooley wedding. ‘How are you feeling?’, I asked him. His response: ‘I’m a total basket case’. I could see it on his face; he was super nervous, jittery, he didn’t know where to look and couldn’t keep still. A few minutes later, as he watched his bride come down the aisle, Colin absolutely lost it. I haven’t seen a groom get this emotional, ever – it was quite touching. As she reached him at the front of the aisle, and they held each other’s hands, I watched him whisper through tears ‘You look so, so beautiful’.

Later in the day as we strolled around the grounds after this Bendooley wedding, I took great joy in watching Colin’s face each time I asked him to stand close to Hannah and hold her close. He would pull her in; a small grin would creep onto his face, and it seemed that to him, nothing else in the world mattered.

The day after this Bendooley wedding, I sent Hannah a message. Here’s what I wrote:

‘Can you ask Colin a question? I have a beautiful image of him crying as you walk down the aisle. but, as with many photos of people crying, it isn’t ‘flattering’: i mean, he looks like a mess, cos he was a mess, but the image is so powerful! I’d love to post it on social media at some point, but I wanted to make sure he’s ok with this first….’

Hannah immediately wrote back to me: ‘sure, he says of course, go for it!’ So I went to the particular image, and started preparing it to post here on social media. Then I got curious and started looking through the images just before this moment. I realised that it wasn’t just Colin who was super emotional; Hannah was also crying as she came down the aisle on her Dad’s arm. I didn’t even realise it at the time.

I’ve spent the last week trying to decide whether I want to share these images or not. I talked myself out of it more than a few times. There’s no sunset, no perfect golden hour light, no confetti or perfect composition; just two people who are so overwhelmed by the commitment they’re about to make that they can’t keep themselves together.

Then I realised: that is exactly why I NEED to share these images. There are few moments in life when, as human beings, we let our tough exteriors break, where we drop the act that we all put on when we’re in public and where what we are really feeling comes through. These beautiful, rare moments are more special than I can put into words, and I feel absolutely privileged to be able to document them

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venue  |  Bendooley Estate

makeup  |  Emma McGill

Flowers + styling  |  Liz Lowe

dress  |  Maggie Sottero, from Abbey Bridal