Yay, I’m making you an album! 

I want to make the absolute best album possible for you; I want you to be super happy with every aspect of the final product, and this includes the cover. So, I need you give me some input regarding four aspects. Pls review the below options, and email me with your choices for the following:


1. Cover material (book cloths, various types of leather + eco leather and velvet, from the photos below)

2. Deboss colour. This is the colour of the text imprinted on the front cover of your album

3. End-sheet colour. Imagine opening the front (or back) cover of the album; the end-sheet is the inside cover. 

4. Font + cover words. You can choose the words for the cover, and the font in which they’re written. 

The cover materials, deboss colours and end-sheet colours are in the images below, as supplied by my album company. There are no excess fees or costs for different types of material, so choose whichever you like. 


Next, choose what words you’d like on the cover

I normally put your names like this:
Emma +
Let me know if you’re happy with this. If you’d like something else, let me know and I can advise you if there are excess costs.

And finally, choose your font