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Me with Nala, one of our RSCPA foster kittens

Look, can I just start by saying: I hear you. So many of the wedding photos you've probably seen are just boring. BORING! Dark, moody photos of couples that look relatively unhappy. Bridal parties striking ridiculously tacky poses (while clearly wishing they could be somewhere else). Brides and grooms who have been stiffly posed into super-unrealistic scenarios that don't at all reflect the fun they're actually having on their wedding day. I've seen these photos too, and I can't stand them.

So when I became a Southern Highlands wedding photographer, I basically decided to take wedding photos that are, well, the opposite of these :)

Quirky. Honest. Fun.

And definitely not boring.

These are the kinds of photos that I want to take as a

Southern Highlands wedding photographer.

Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer

None of the couples you see on my site are models; none of these photos are from styled shoots or editorials. These are all real couples like you, who were most probably just as apprehensive about having their photo taken as you are. Don’t worry – we’re going to have fun.

I adore taking photographs of couples in love - no matter in what form that love comes. I'm a proud ally of the LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈

What's that, you're not a model?

(good, neither am I)

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A bride and groom pop a bottle of champagne with their bridal party in this amazing photo by Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Thomas Stewart


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I've been a full time Southern Highlands wedding photographer for 11 years now. I used to be a lawyer but absolutely hated it - you can read more about this here at my 'about me' page). I got into photography when I was at uni; I love to travel, and I had an old digital SLR that I used to lug around the world with me. After returning from my adventures, I'd show my work colleagues my photos. Eventually a few of them started asking me to shoot their wedding. HELL NO, I'd reply - way too much pressure! Then after a while, I decided to give a wedding a go, see if I liked it. Well, I loved it! And now 11 years later, I couldn't think of a better job to have.

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Enough about me... oh wait, a bit more about me

Here's my logo, it's an elephant

A bride and groom during their wedding ceremony, saying their vows. By Southern Highalnds Wedding Photographer Thomas Stewart.

2020 Summary Blog Post

I made a blog post with all of my favourite Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer images from 2020. You can click below to have a look at at.

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I absolutely love my job as a Southern Highlands wedding photographer. I think it’s pretty damn wonderful that I get to spend my weekends with a bunch of really well dressed people, in a beautiful location, drinking champagne, telling dirty jokes and eating cake [i’m not even kidding – this is pretty much what I do at most weddings].  I’m available for weddings throughout all of the Southern Highlands, Wollongong and the South Coast, and I occasionally venture further way, as well.

Did I mention that I'm really fun to hang out with?

I'm not even kidding. I'm, like, really , really, really fun

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I'm totally the best Bowral Wedding Photographer

As I mentioned above, if you’re new to my site and would like to get a feel for what my work is like, head over to my portfolio here. I'm based in the Southern Highlands, and I’ve shot weddings pretty much everywhere in the Highlands, so in my portfolio you’re likely to find a few images from most venues.

My objective at a wedding is to document the day as I see it unfold. There's so much happening on a wedding day, some of which you won't see. You'll be preoccupied, you know, getting married. So I'll try to deliver to you a set of images that show not only you and your new husband or wife, but all the little moments that were happening around you while you were having the best day of your lives.

A flower girl looks up at a wedding dress. Photo by Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Thomas Stewart.

I grew up in Bowral – I went to Bowral high School. I moved away for a while, then came back to start my business in the Highlands. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at pretty much all of the wonderful wedding venues we have in the Southern Highlands, and I’ve developed some great relationships with local colleagues and other wedding professionals in the local industry. Also, I'm a Southern Highlands wedding photographer who actually lives in Bowral. I know the area very well, and if there’s anything you need help with, I’m an open book.


When you book me as your Southern Highlands wedding photographer, you can also book my wife Michelle to shoot a beautiful highlight film. You can click here to see some of her films, or just watch the one below. Michelle films are beautiful, unpretentious, and accompany my photos perfectly. We also work really well as a team (after all, we're married). You can also click here to see the full blog post of their Bendooley Estate Stables wedding.

Drone photo of a bride and groom at sunset walking through a field. Photo by Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Thomas Stewart.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Melross, Kangaroo Valley

I try to take my drone up for some shots at every wedding where possible. There's really nothing like seeing a portrait of a couple from the incredible point of view you can get from a drone. Drone shots are included in all my rates.

Yes, I will bring my drone to your wedding

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Oh what's that, you'd like to book me as your Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer?

yeah ok cool, that sounds great

You can read a little more about me here. From there, why not have a look at some of my favourite wedding images from 2020 here. My blog link is in the menu bar above. I’m pretty active on instagram – you can head over to my feed here – I generally post at least one image a day. You can also browse my site to read a bunch more info about me, and the way I work, and why I love being a Bowral wedding photographer.

I tend to book out quite far in advance; most people book me around one year ahead of their wedding. So if you’d like to work with me, don’t leave it until the last minute to reach out and say hi, or I might no longer be available on your wedding date.

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