Biota Bowral Wedding | Kate + Lester

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  • Ashleigh - it was fully open at the end I'm standing! like it had a big swing door so we just stepped in from the ground :)

  • My very first impression with this image is, "which one of Scorsese films is this from ?" feels a bit till death do us part to me. Nicely executed though.

  • I love the fact they were up for getting into a shipping container! Fab shot!

  • Kate Sanday you are a stunning bride! What a brilliant shot!

  • I have also seen wedding photos taken at "The Moultings", Mittagong if you want another "individual" sight for photos xx

  • What a great photographer he was..and of course gorgeous subjects!

  • Nicola murphy said:

    Enquiring if you're available on 24/3/18? We've just booked our wedding at biota dining!
    If so could you provide further info including pricing.

    • thomasstewart said:

      hey Nicola! emailing you now