Bendooley Estate Wedding | Jemma + Steve

There was a moment, a few minutes after we began walking through waist-high long grass at this Bendooley Estate Wedding, when it occurred to me that snakes really enjoy living in long grass. I began to question how responsible my actions that afternoon had been: here I had a beautiful bride in a perfect Pallas Couture gown, with her dashing new husband, and of all places I decided to lead them into a field of very long, very high grass, in Summer, in Australia.

I’m very grateful that we didn’t eventually come across any snakes. You can see the resulting images below.

A Bendooley Estate Wedding is pretty special. You get to marry your partner under the branches of a tree that must be a few hundred years old, at least; or, in front of a beautiful lake. You get to stroll around these perfect grounds, through fields that have absolutely no snakes, and then you can feast in a high-ceilinged barn full of books. Pretty magical.

Jemma did her own makeup; I thought that was pretty impressive. Steve was pretty calm most of the day, but I think he was a little – just a little – nervous as Jemma was coming down the aisle 🙂

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venue  |  Bendooley Estate

celebrant  |  Susan Winters

bride’s dress  |  Pallas Couture

bride’s reception dress  |  bride’s own design

florist  |  Kindred Floral

shoes  |  Alan Pinkus 

hair + makeup  |  they did it themselves

hair pin  |  Mimco

suits  |  H+Co 

cufflinks | Bvlgari

groom’s shoes  |  Aquila

cake  |  Cake Arcade

ceremony music  |  Industry Strings 

band  |  Baker Boys

signs + favours  |  Juliette Tran